GSI's mission is to provide expert training in Gas Safety Technology and quality equipment to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

Consultations and Audits

Are you Gas Safe?

Prevention is better than cure. Assessment is the first step to safer working conditions and accident prevention. After the assessment is complete a plan can be set in place to make the work place safer and more productive.

Unsafe working conditions

Damaged Equipment


Observing people working with gas equipment provides valuable insight into the levels of safety awareness. Not only towards gas but also general attitudes towards safety.


An assessment of the training levels/ qualifications of the people involved. Good and bad habits become entrenched in behaviour over time. Regular training makes everyone more aware of safe working conditions.

Work Environment

Is the working environment safe and are safety procedures being followed? Questions that need to be answered and addressed to make sure the environment is safe for everyone.


The quality, type, serviceability and overall condition of the gas equipment used.

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