GSI's mission is to provide expert training in Gas Safety Technology and quality equipment to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

About Us

GSI is focused on ensuring Gas Safety in the workplace

Company Mission

GSI's mission is to provide expert training in Gas Safety Technology and quality equipment to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

  • GSI provides a key to a proactive attitude towards gas safety.
  • GSI knows that safety is a top down, not bottom up process.
  • GSI knows that changing the staff members attitude to gas safety also changes their attitude to safety in general.

A brief History

GSI was incorporate in 1985 and established to meet the need identified for professional gas training in the workplace.

The owner, Karl Peter Rohlssen initially qualified as an Automotive Engineer and later completed a Diploma in Business Mangement before furthering his studies at the BAM institute in Berlin, Germany.

While working for a large international welding company Peter identified the need for safety training for people working with gas and GSI was born.

In September 1986 Peter exhibited at a mining show in South Africa which he funded using the last of his working capital. He had 1 visitor on the Monday, on the Tuesday, 2 visitors. On Tuesday evening news broke about a mining incident at Kinross that was gas related and resulted in serious injuries and fatalities.

A gas explosion was reported and the consequence of this, and related circumstances, resulted in over 80 deaths and numerous injuries. It was an Oxy/Acetylene related incident and the fatalities increased to 150.

On Wednesday morning there was a lot more interest in Gas Safety and at 08:45 there were many people ask questions and collecting brochures. The tragic incident highlighted both the dangerous consequence of not following gas safety procedures and getting the people working with gas trained to both understand and work with gas safely.

Later Peter invested a lot of time with the then world leader on gas. He was based at the BAM Institute in Germany. Knowledge that has contributed to making GSI a world leader in the Gas Safety field. Peter's knowledge and experience has resulted in him being invited to present at many international gas related conferences.

Peter Rohlssen

Mr Karl Peter Rohlssen managed a large international Welding Company for 5 years, responsible for the South African market as the Managing Director.

Peter started his own business in 1985 in Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in Gas Safety Technology and Equipment and an International Gas Safety Consultancy.

Presentations, lectures, audits and seminars in many industries and countries.  A few are listed below:

INSTITUTE OF WELDING:                New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada


CHAMBERS OF MINES:                    USA, Canada, Chile, Australia and Peru

MINISTRY OF LABOUR:                    Singapore

SHIPYARDS:                                      Malaysia Shipyard and engineering, Norfolk shipyard, USA

REFINERIES:                                     Shell Malaysia, British Petroleum, Mobil, Caltex, Pemex Mexico

POLYTECHNICS:                               Christchurch, Manukau, Sidney, Vancouver, Toronto

COLLEGE:                                          College of the Canyon, California, USA, TAFE College, New Zealand and Australia

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS:             Canadian Railways, Caradian Hydro, Chicago Public Transport, NASA, McDermott Malaysia, CBI Houston, CODELCO Chile, Mercedes Benz Argentina and South Africa, Banana Board Equador, Caterpillar Brazil, Hyundai Botswana, Wankie Colliery Zimbabwe, Rossing Uranium Mines Namibia, BHP Billiton Australia

Honouree Member: Association of Mine Resident Engineers (AMRE)

Member of the Advisory Board of Gas Safety of the South African Bureau of Standards.  Code of Practice “Welding and Thermal Cutting Processes, Health and Safety”.

Committee Member of the South African Bureau of Standards, Standard Specifications – “Safety Devices for use in Gas Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes”.

Senior Council Member of the South African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1985.

Registered Assessor with the Mining Qualifications Authorities, MQA Assessor Number: MQA 110863.

Some of the South African clients where lectures and seminars have been conducted:

Anglo American Corporation, Gold, Coal and Platinum divisions, De Beers Diamond Mines, Delta Motor Corporation (GM), Toyota, Felixton Sugar Mills, S A Sugar Associates, Shell SA, SAPREF, Mobil Oil, Richardsbay, Richardsbay Coal Terminal, SAPPI Paper, ISCOR, Samancor, Highveld Steel, JCI, Scaw Metals, Haggie Rand, SASOL 1, 2 and 3. BHP Billiton, Assmang Cato Ridge; Harmony Gold Mines, Xstrata, Exxaro, Rand Water Board etc.



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