GSI's mission is to provide expert training in Gas Safety Technology and quality equipment to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

GSI - Gas Safety International

GSI provides certified training and quality gas equipment to the industrial sector. Training Seminars provide both practical and theoretical insight into the behaviour of gas and recommended safe working practices. Participants who pass are presented with a GSI Safety Certificate valid for up to 3 years. The equipment sold is calibrated and tested to meet and exceed minimum safety requirements.

The 4 Pillars

Gas Training Seminars

The training seminars educate and inform about the nature of gas and the correct safety procedures to follow. The seminars range from practical guidelines when working with gas equipment to more in-depth theory around the nature and characteristics of gas.

Consultations & Audits

Not sure if your working procedures, equipment and environment meet gas safety standards? GSI provides a comprehensive consultation and audit process to assist your company in being gas safe. A proactive approach is the best strategy.

Forensics & Investigations

When gas related incidents occur it's important to identify the cause in order take measures to prevent further incidents. The forensic investigation assesses the incident methodically in order to identify the cause and remedial course of action.

Gas Products and Safety Posters

Buy gas products that meet and exceed minimum safety standards. Equipment is manufactured to fine tolerances and tested to make sure each part can be used with confidence. Backup, after-sales support and equipment repairs are also provided.

Gas safety can prevent catastrophic incidents

The consequence of serious gas incidents

Gas explosion

Gas explosion in a car

A Selection of Safety Posters

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